"I have been on the CFO macro train for almost 7 months now and the difference it has made in my life is tremendous.  Prior to starting the program I tried to eat healthy but did not always do that.  I probably ate out more than I should have and didn't always eat enough to sustain my activity level.  Workouts were becoming tougher and tougher, and I was more tired throughout the day.  I never really felt uncomfortable with how my body looked, but I definitely wanted to look better.  Payton sent out a Facebook invite to join a macro group.  Brooke (my wife) told me about it so we both joined.  Since that decision my fitness has hit another gear.  I am now eating more food, leaning out and gaining muscle.  My cardio has improved and I am beginning to gain back the strength I lost due to the stroke.  I actually have ab muscles now!!! That is pretty cool.  My energy levels have significantly increased so I am not tired during the day and I my workouts are improving.  I can actually compete with the others at the gym and not feel like I'm just getting my butt whipped.  I am able to push harder and longer during workouts.  I feel better and less stressed on a daily basis which are the most important parts for me.   The transformation my body has made is just an added bonus! Oddly enough, I actually sleep better at night as well.  For those that are considering trying the macro program, do it!! You won't regret it."

Thanks Payton!!

Matt Cooper Proud CFO Member

"It's been 6 months since beginning my macro journey and am proud to say I've already met several of the goals I set for myself. I've lost 8-10 lbs. I have more energy, I am getting stronger in the gym & faster in my running. Most recently I ran a PR in a half marathon beating my time from 6 years younger! 

The biggest take away for me has been the process of learning that food is fuel to feed my body so that I can meet my fitness goals, not keep me from reaching them. It is a process and I have had some struggles but that is when Payton has stepped in to give me advice as well as support and encouragement when I needed it. Having the accountability is working for me. The macro group has also been a great resource where we share food ideas, struggles and successes to help support one another along the way.

I'm extremely appreciative because this is the longest I have ever stuck to a "diet." It truly works and is flexible. If you are considering the nutrition plan you should go for it! You won't regret it."

Danielle Couch

"Prior to giving CrossFit a try, I had followed body-building programs for over 7 years. If I’m honest, I was occasionally “that guy” that would make fun of people doing CrossFit. During those 7 years, I would find cutting programs online and follow their lifting and dieting programs. I would see results, however they rarely lasted more than a week. I would loose weight, but quickly gain it back. I started to get frustrated with the results not lasting and honestly got really bored with the routines I was doing in the gym. I needed something new.

Around April of 2016 I decided to let go of my previous bias against CrossFit and give it a try. I mean, I would see pictures of CrossFit athletes online and thought, it’s obviously working for them, why not? I called around to a couple different boxes in the area and was most impressed with the response I got from CrossFit Oconee. This is not to down the other locations, I just felt more welcomed by Oconee’s owner Payton.

I tried the first ‘free class’ and I was intrigued. I decided to make a commitment and give it a try for 6 months. As I started to show up regularly I began to love the workouts. More importantly though, I began to love the community of people I was working out with. I like to joke that “I’m not good at CrossFit”, but that’s actually what I like about it. It’s movements and exercises I can get better at and I have a community of folks around me encouraging me to get better!

After the first three months I decided to sign up for the Macro program offered by the gym’s owner, Payton. Since most of the ‘diets’ I had been on had produced short-lived results I was a little skeptical. I quickly learned this wasn’t a ‘diet’ by any means. I was able to eat whatever I wanted, as long as it fit within the numbers I was given. I am a planner by nature, so this was perfect for me. I am able to plan meals I love, make adjustments as I go, and am able to hit the macronutrients I am prescribed easily. In just 4 months I have gone down 15 lbs. This was even during an injury where I had to not exercise as much for a week and the holidays where I didn’t hit my numbers exactly. I have consistently stayed under 180 (which was my goal at the beginning) for over a month!! I have never accomplished this! And I accomplished this while eating more food than I was at the beginning of starting the program!

I can’t speak highly enough about CrossFit Oconee. The excellent programming and coaching, combined with nutrition guidance, has put me in the best shape of my life (at 34 years old!). The community of people I get to work out with has been amazing as well. I say all this after only being committed for 7 months. I cannot wait to see what continued commitment will bring!

Jason T. Callis, MSW
Program Manager, Collegiate Recovery Center
The University of Georgia